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When people read the abbreviation GTA for probably 99% it will need no explaining. But for that 1% that don’t know, GTA stands for Grand Theft Auto.

The GTA franchise has become one of the most popular sandbox games of all time worldwide. In this article we will talk about a little about it’s history, the different GTA PPSSPP games.


PPSSPP stands for “PlayStation Portable Simulator for Playing Portably”. Now hows that for a long acronym. Anyway, with the PPSSPP you can play PSP games on your Android and iOS device among other platforms. Of course turning your smart phone into a game handheld is the most fun.

You can download the PPSSPP emulator from the official site but we will also include it in all our downloads.

A Little GTA History

As said before, GTA stands for Grand Theft Auto and has been the most well-know sandbox game worldwide. Although the younger generations mostly only know about the 3D versions GTA started out as a 2D game.

As of today the Grand Theft Auto games have sold over 200million copies in total.

The First GTA

GTA PPSSPP download
The first GTA game named “Grand Theft Auto” was developed back in the good old 90’s, 1997 to be exact. It was developed by DMA Design a British game developer that is today known as Rockstar North.

The game was originally released for the PC but got ported to the PlayStation 1 in 1998.

Although the Grand Theft Auto brand name is well known today it almost was released under a different name which was Race’n’Chase. Development started in 1996 and was intended for the Commodore Amiga.

GTA 1 is played in 2D viewed from above. The game has 8 playable characters, 4 male and four females but there is no difference in the game play. Even though the graphics were very basic at the time you can still find similarities with the 3D versions of today.

For example; in this first version stealing and selling cars was already a big part of the game. Another similarity was that if you didn’t want to play the missions you could do whatever you want. Drive around, stealing cars and create as much chaos as possible.

GTA 1 also had 2 mission packs named “Grand Theft Auto: London 1969” and “Grand Theft Auto: London 1961”

Grand Theft Auto 2


In 1999 the sequel to the popular game “Grand Theft Auto(1)” was released for the PC and later in the same year for the PlayStation. In 2000 it was also released for the Sega Dreamcast and the Game Boy Color.

GTA 2 was again developed by the DMA Design crew but this time Rockstar Games was the publisher worldwide.

Although slightly better graphics the game kept it’s overhead viewpoint. Another improvement was the “saving” system. Where in GTA 1 the game only got saved when finishing a city in GTA 2 you could manually save by entering a church. Note to self though, you need $50k. If you would enter a church with $50k on the PC version you would hear a voice saying “Hallelujah! Another soul saved!”.

However, if you would enter a church and you didn’t have $50k you would hear a voice saying “Damnation! No donation, no salvation!!”  Unfortunately the save voice could only be heard in the PC version and not the PSX version.

Other improvements resolved in the game surroundings. Where in GTA 1 pedestrians and passing cars where just cosmetic in GTA they play an active role. You would see people entering taxi’s, buses and be part of the occasionally beat down.

Another feature that came in GTA 2 were the side-missions. To earn some extra cash you could play missions as a truck driver, bus driver and a taxi driver.

GTA 2 also featured a multiplayer mode that consisted of 4 games: Tag, Race, Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch.

Grand Theft Auto 3


And then came Grand Theft Auto 3!

If we could only express how ecstatic we were when this came out back in 2002. The first 3D open world version that set the standard for future GTA games and for the time it was AMAZING!!

Developed by Rockstar North in 2001 that back then was still operating under the name DMA Design, GTA 3 was a revolution!

GTA 3 was the best selling game in 2001 but also got a lot of critique to it’s violent nature and therefor was rate M for mature.


In GTA 3 you play the character “Claude”. Claude is a small time criminal that plots a bank robbery with his accomplice and girlfriend “Catalina”. Right after they do the robbery Claude is shot and betrayed by Catalina who escapes with an unknown Colombian thug.

Claude survives the gunshot but get’s arrested and is sentenced to do 10 years in prison. The game starts when Claude and 2 other prisoners are being transported to prison. The other 2 prisoners are 8-Ball and an elderly Colombian man. On their way the convoy gets attacked by the Colombian who retrieve the old man.

At this event Claude and 8-Ball manage to escape in the chaos.

Fast forwarding; Later on 8-Ball will introduce Claude to the Italian Mafia where the real Chaos begins.


GTA 3 is the first 3D open-world, action-adventure game in the GTA franchise. As in GTA 2 there are tons of side-missions besides the main missions but basically you can do whatever you want.

You can freely roam the game on foot or drive vehicles. If you want to steal cars all day you could do that. If you want to murder the whole block it is possible but watch out for the Police that WILL come for you. Several weapons are available like different guns as also melee weapons.

The cars and weapons in the game are based on real brands but due to copyright and licenses they are all named differently.

GTA Mobile

Although several games can be played on the GTA PPSSPP the GTA 3 version has it’s own .apk that you can download through our download portal.

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