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Soulcalibur APK

soulcalibur apk download

We’ve spoken about one of the coolest 2D fighting games “Street Fighter“. Now we are going to talk about one of the coolest 3D fighting games namely Soulcalibur.

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Soulcalibur is one of the best and most know 3D fighting games that has been around since 1995.

What makes this game special is that it isn’t melee only. In Soulcalibur players fight with weapons too that have their own specials also.

As with many games the Soulcalibur franchise started out as an Arcade Game named Soul Edge.

Before it was named Soulcalibur the arcade game was first ported to the PlayStation in 1996 with the name Soul Blade.

Due to it’s giant commercial success a better and newer version was released in 1998 with the name Soulcalibur.

The Soulcalibur franchise is part of the Bandai Namco Entertaiment group which is known for many games distributed over all current gaming platforms. The Soulcalibur apk is a standalone game which you can download through our download portal.


In Soulcalibur the story revolves around a legendary sword that goes by the name ” Soul Edge “.

While plundering and looting it ends up with the dread pirate that goes by the name Cervantes de Leon. Cervantes de Leon resides in a broken down port town in Spain. For 25 years he is devouring souls of anyone who tries finding the legendary sword.

Cervantes almost collected enough souls to start his reign of terror. Unfortunately for him a Japanese Ninja named Taki teamed up with the divine Greek warrior Sophitia Alexandra. Taki and Sophitia attacked him with the twin Soul Edge blades killing Cervantes. In the process the twin Soul Edge blades were shattered.

Even though Cervantes was killed his corpse was temporarily reanimated by the Soul’s Edge will. At that moment Siegfried Schauffen the Prussian knight entered the port fighting Cervantes reanimation. Siegfried slayed the reanimation of Cervantes and after being victorious turned his eye on the Soul Edge sword.

Directly when Siegfried gripped the cursed legendary sword’s hilt a bright beam of light touched the sky. This phenomena was known as the “Evil Seed” bringing death and destruction.

After that event the cursed Soul Edge uses Siegfried as host which naturally is the final boss in single player mode.


What makes Soulcalibur innovative compared to other games like for example Tekken and Virtua Fighter is that you can move around instead of just sidestepping.

Also offense defense and fighting with weapons is where Soulcalibur set the standard. Fighters can fight melee style or draw weapons like swords, staffs, knives, maces and other martial art weapons.

Although every fighter has it’s on special moves when weapons are drawn additional special moves are unlocked. Thanks to all it’s features Soulcalibur is one of the most dynamic action packed fighting games of the past decade.

soulcalibur apk download

Soulcalibur APK

Although Soulcalibur can be played on your phone with the help of an emulator it also has it’s own app.

The Soulcalibur apk was released in 2013 which now can be exclusively downloaded through our download portal.

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