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street fighter rom download


For the past few decades many fighting games have been released but none is as well-known as the Street Fighter ROM. The first Street Fighter dates back all the way to 1987. Since then there have been 7 more releases with Street Fighter V being the most recent. Before we continue, you can find the Street Fighter V torrent here.

The Street Fighter franchise has been developed and published by Capcom. Capcom has been around since 1979 and is based in Osaka, Japan. They are known for of course the Street Fighter series but also for a couple other big titles. Some of these titles include Resident Evil games and the Monster Hunter Series.

When people look for the Street Fighter ROM they in general look for Street Fighter 2. The reason for this is that the first Street Fighter was an Arcade game. The game was such a success that it sold over 500.00 arcade units worldwide.

After the arcade success it was ported to the PC and a console that probably most people never heard of named the “NEC Avenue TurboGrafix CD console”.

The Street Fighter ROM

As stated above, when people in general search for the Street Fighter ROM they usually looking for the Street Fighter 2 game which you can download through our download portal.

Street Fighter is by far the most played fighting game of all time spreading over different game devices. Most known are the Arcade hardware Devices, Nintendo consoles and handholds, Sega consoles, PlayStation consoles, Xbox consoles and the PC.

Up till this day Street Fighter 2 alone has grossed over 10 billion dollars and is well known all over the world.

Street Fighter II: The World Warrior was released in 1991 and first entered the scene through Arcade halls. In june 1992 it was ported to the “Super Famicon” which was the Japanese name for Super Nintendo. Later that year it was ported to the SNES in America.


Street Fighter is as the title suggests a fighting game where players play 1 vs 1 or 1 vs computer fighters. Unlike many games these days being in a free to move 3D environment the Street Fighter ROM is played in a 2D surrounding.

A game match consists out of “best two out of three” matches to declare a winner. However, it is possible to end up in a draw when both players have won one round each and then KO each-other at the same time in the third round. When this happens the game will declare a draw. After a draw players must fight in a sudden death mode.

When you play in single-player mode every third match you win there is a bonus stage. For most of us this was sure a lot of fun. The bonus stage would consist out of punching and kicking the shit out of a car. You will get 60 seconds to do so and the more you wreck the vehicle the more bonus points you will receive.

What made the Street Fighter ROM so popular was being able to choose from multiple fighters. Each fighter has it’s own background story, fighting style and fighting specials.

Street Fighter ROM download

Playable Fighters

Although most people already know all the fighters, for those who don’t or for those who want to brush up their memory, here is a short list of playable characters:

  • Ryu: by far the most recognizable character of the game and the first true Street Fighter. Ryu is a Japanese karateka. One of the best known special move of Ryu is “HADOUKEN” which means fireball.
  • Ken: after Ryu for sure the most known character. Former training partner of Ryu from America who has an identical style and special moves.
  • Guile: also one of the popular fighters. Guile is a former operative of the USAF Special Forces.  One of his better know specials is ” Sonic BOOM!” In the movie he is portrayed by none other than action star Jean Claude van Damme.
  • Chun-Li: the only female character at the time who is a Chines Martial Artist Specialist. Players know one of her special moves best as “Hyakuretsu Kyaku”. We know it best as “kicking the shit out of you kick” though.
  • Blanka: raised in the jungles of Brazil there was a beast-like mutant named Blanka. Blanka is probably best know for the electricity he can generate and the sound he makes when he wins a match.
  • E. Honda: real name “Edomondo Honda” or Edmond in English is a Japanese Sumo wrestler. His most known special is the “Hyakuretsu Harite” or the Hundred Hand Bitch Slap. His taunting laugh when he wins is recognized worldwide too.
  • Dhalsim: from India we got the Master of Yoga Dhalsim. best recognizable by his extending limbs and his well known special ” Yoga Flame”.
  • Zangief: big, strong and hairy. Zangief is a Russian wrestler. He was considered the first fighter where grappling was the main style.

Computer Bosses

When you defeated all the above characters you will have to face a couple bosses to reach the Main boss Bison. Those bosses are:

  • Balrog: an American Boxer that will only use his fists in all his moves. This boss has besides his power a lot of fast punches. He is not super hard to beat but you will need to block and counter fight a lot. He has many similarities with boxing legend Mike Tyson.
  • Vega: from the lands of Spain there is Vega a Spanish torero that is most recognizable for his mask and long claw. As a boss not super hard although he does jump all over the place.
  • Sagat: is the second last boss and he is a Muay Thai Kickboxer. Pretty hard boss to beat. He hits, he kicks and does it all very fast and hard with all his Tiger moves. But even he doesn’t even come close to the final boss.
  • M. Bison: the final boss of all bosses. Now this is one annoying boss!! Bison is the leader of a criminal syndicate called Shadaloo. He uses a power only known as “Psycho Power” and the way he moves and fights can certainly be called psycho! This boss will test all your skills and probably kick the shit out of you multiple times before you can defeat him.

In later Street Fighter Games all bosses are playable characters.

Street Fighter ROM download


Many people play ROMS from the past for the nostalgic value or just because they are curious about the original games. The Street Fighter ROM is very popular and can be downloaded through our download portal.

We also include 2 emulators. One for the PC and one for the Android.

To be able to play the Street Fighter ROM on your smartphone or tablet you will be needing this ROM and the Snes9x EX+ android Super Nintendo emulator. Once installed you can play all your favorite ROMS from your phone. We have included the emulator with this ROM download.

Street Fighter 2 is also in APK version but people don’t like that version much so this is a very good alternative.

For more games check out this link.

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