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Tekken ISO

Tekken ISO download


Another well-know fighting game is Tekken which means “Iron Fist” in Japanese. As with the other fighting games on our site, Tekken also started in the arcade halls first.

Tekken is another top title in the Bandai Namco group and was first released back in 1994. In 1995 Tekken was ported to the PlayStation.

What made Tekken special was that it was one of the first fighting games that used 3D movement and animations.

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Most of the Tekken stories revolves around Heihachi Mishima and his son Kazuya Mishima. Heihachi is the boss of the Mishima Zaibatsu corporation. One day Heihachi drags his then five year old son Kazuya to the top of a mountain.

When they reach the top Heihachi throws his son of the cliff as a test to see how strong Kazuya is and if he is worthy to one day take over the family business. Kazuya barely survives the fall and ends up with a big gape on his chest.

His chest injury activates a gene called the Devil gene and with it unlocks a demonic entity. The entity offers Kazuya supreme power and strength.

Kazuya starts training martial arts and when growing up travels around the world entering several martial arts tournaments. Meanwhile Heihachi adopts a Chinese orphan by the name of Lee Chaolan. Heihachi raises Lee as one of his own and trains him to be a rival of his real son.

While competing and longing for revenge Kazuya becomes the undefeated champion in the world. Although he hasn’t lost a fight he fought one draw again an American martial artist that goes by the name of Paul Phoenix.


Twenty five years after Heihachi threw his son of the cliff he wants to test Kazuya to see if he is deemed fit to take over the Mishima Zaibatsu corporation. To achieve this Heihachi organizes the King of Iron Fist tournament.

However, in an intense father-son match Heihachi is unexpectedly beaten by Kazuya thanks to the power he was given by the devil. Still filled with wrath Kazuya takes revenge by dragging Heihachi to the same mountain he was thrown off as a kid.

Upon arrival Kazuya throws his father of the same cliff he was thrown off. Kazuya then takes over the family business setting the story for Tekken 2.


Tekken has like most fighting games a similar setup when it comes to choosing your character to fight with. You will enter a menu where you will be able to choose from multiple fighters. Even though this setup is like most games the one aspect that sets Tekken apart is the character fighting style.

The fighters in Tekken can fight with each of their limbs independently. Meaning: the left and right arm And the left and right leg have their own movement which allows separate special moves for each.

Tekken was also one of the first fighting games where all characters had their own animated intro’s and upon defeating the final boss an animated ending story.
Tekken ISO download


The first Tekken had 8 playable character on the arcade version which were: Marshall Law, Paul Phoenix, Jack, Yoshimitsu, Kazuya Mishima, Michelle Chang, Nina Williams and King.

Heihachi Mishima is the final boss, however, at the 8th stage each character fights a “sub-boss”. Although different names the sub-bosses were clones of the played character with the same movement and moves with a couple exclusive attacks.

Although the arcade version had 8 playable characters on the PlayStation version every (sub)boss that is defeated will be unlocked as a playable fighter. In total there are 17 fighters you can play.

Tekken ISO

Tekken is one of the most played fighting games of it’s time. Not only can you download and play the Tekken ISO on your soft-modded PSP but you can also play it on you Android phone.

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